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Choosing the right Medicare plan is extremely important. Choosing the right Medicare plan is also extremely challenging. Comparing your health plan options can be time consuming and confusing. We uncomplicate Medicare.

Reviewing your Medicare options doesn’t need to be overwhelming or stressful. Our team of Medicare health plan experts guides you through the decision process at no cost to you. Feel confident that you will enroll in the plan that is best for you.

No Cost Expert Guidance

How much do our services cost? Nothing. Our help guiding you through the enrollment process comes at no cost to you.


Uncomplicating Medicare Today and Tomorrow

Annual changes to Medicare plans can be difficult to navigate. We don’t just guide you through your initial purchase process, we review your plan annually to make sure it matches your needs and expectations. Allow us to take the worry out of your Medicare selection process and enjoy retirement.

Medicare Choice Group is an independent, non-government agency. As a result, neither the company nor its agents are endorsed by the US Government or the federal Medicare program.


Medicare Choice Group is an official partner of the National Council on Aging (NCOA). For 2 years, we have met NCOA’s stringent Standards of Excellence for Medicare Brokerage Services. Medicare Choice Group and NCOA partner to provide comprehensive education and decision support services to help Medicare beneficiaries make informed and confident choices about their health care coverage.

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