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Specialized Medicare training to navigate conversion into Medicare

Employees get most of their health plan education directly from their company’s HR department, except when it comes to Medicare. Medicare Choice Group is changing the game. We bring Medicare education directly to your company.

Why Employer Solutions Matter

We partner with employers at no cost to help employees make confident Medicare decisions for themselves or their loved ones.

Employees Close to Retirement

Employees eligible for Medicare are looking for resources and education from their employer to understand their Medicare options and how it impacts their employer coverage.

Employees Caring for Loved Ones

Employees are often responsible for helping a loved one navigate their Medicare process. Our team can help guide employees and their loved ones through the Medicare maze.

3 Reasons Why Older workers Are an Asset to Your Company

Download and see how older workers can offer reliability and loyalty in a constantly changing job market.

3 Reasons Why Older Workers Are an Asset To Your Company

How to Respond to an Aging Workforce

Download and learn how to engage and support your aging workforce.

How to Respond to an Aging Workforce PDF

Workshops at Your Office

Medicare Choice Group conducts several Medicare informational events throughout the year.

 Broker Solutions

We partner with brokers to provide expert solutions for their clients. Don’t miss an important opportunity to support your clients with real, actionable information.