Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medicare Choice Group?

Medicare Choice Group is your solution for uncomplicating Medicare. We deliver knowledge and expertise as you navigate your unique needs and circumstances, weigh your options, and enroll. Whether you’re new to the process, helping a loved one, or reevaluating your options, we are confident we can help you transition and manage your Medicare health plan stress-free.

How will Medicare Choice Group help me with my Medicare education and enrollment?

Medicare Choice Group’s licensed Medicare agents have been trained to take you through a detailed assessment of your Medicare product needs and preferences. Based on that conversation, one of our agents will make product recommendations that meet those needs while educating you on Medicare rules and requirements. Once your product decision has been made, your licensed agent will facilitate your enrollment into the plan.

Is there a cost to using Medicare Choice Group?

Medicare Choice Group services are offered at no cost to you.

If Medicare Choice Group is free for me, how do you make money?

Once enrolled in the Medicare plan of your choice, the plan you choose compensates Medicare Choice Group directly for assisting in your product education and enrollment. Our licensed agents are not compensated more or less based on the product you choose. Their primary goal is to enroll you in the plan of your choice.

If I am already enrolled in Medicare, can Medicare Choice Group help me?

Reevaluating your health plan annually is important. Plan benefits and premium changes can impact your out of pocket costs and overall healthcare budget significantly. Medicare Choice Group can discuss those changes, explain overall market dynamics, and help navigate the decision process with you. Contact us for more assistance today!

Where can I learn more about Medicare?

There are 3 ways to learn more about Medicare with Medicare Choice Group:

  1. Medicare Choice Group can coordinate Medicare educational seminars through your employer’s HR department.
  2. Take our survey to begin a conversation at no cost to you.
  3. Access our Resources page and you can review Medicare content we’ve created for you across various Medicare topics and categories. Following that review, we would love the opportunity to talk about your Medicare options.

I am learning about Medicare for my parents who are newly Medicare eligible. Can I call Medicare Choice Group?

Absolutely! Caregivers have become very engaged in the Medicare health plan education and selection for their parents or loved ones. We encourage you to participate in our educational and enrollment services. We can assist you on all Medicare interests through the point of enrollment. If you are a designated power of attorney, you will be permitted to enroll your loved one in the plan of their choice.

I am not ready to retire, and I’m eligible for Medicare. What should I do?

Every Medicare beneficiary has different circumstances to consider when debating whether to enroll in Medicare or remain on their employer sponsored health plan. Considerations should include but are not limited to potential enrollment penalties, premium impact, potential lapse of coverage, spousal benefit continuation, medication transition management, COBRA and overall continuity of care. Medicare Choice Group can help talk you through any of these considerations.

My employer does not have the resources to provide Medicare education. Can Medicare Choice Group help?

We absolutely can! Medicare Choice Group can coordinate Medicare educational seminars through your employer’s HR department. Our seminars not only provide employees a comprehensive Medicare learning opportunity but also provide HR departments with access to expertise in the area of Medicare. Our sessions have been very well received.

I am a company looking for Medicare representation to help us meet the needs of our older population and retirees. Can Medicare Choice Group help?

We are equipped and excited to help your organization. We can customize our services and messaging around your brand. We can serve as the extension of your HR department when Medicare expertise is needed. Lastly, we can bring our services to you. The needs of an aging workforce are unique. Let Medicare Choice Group take the lead! Contact us today.

Still have questions? We’re here to help.