Still Working Past the Age of 65?

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Understand the transition from employer-based benefits to Medicare.

Did you know that 1 in 5 individuals over the age of 65 are still working?1. Job enjoyment is the single most important reason why individuals still work. When you are ready to retire, it’s important to start your transition before your group health plan terminates. Transitioning from employer-based benefit coverage to a group or individual Medicare plan can appear complicated at first.

Medicare Choice Group can guide you through the process. Our Medicare experts are trained specifically for your transition. We know the right questions to ask so together, we’ll make your transition simple and quick. Worrying about your health coverage is not the way to celebrate your retirement!

1(Cite: Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, February 2019)

We help answer the following 5 questions to ease the transition to Medicare.

What are the Medicare enrollment periods and how do they impact me?

Which Medicare plan type is best for my retirement situation?

If I don’t enroll at 65, will I be subject to late enrollment penalties?

Do I need Part B?

How does having a spouse under 65 affect Medicare?

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